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Wintergreen Florist

Wintergreen Florist was established in 1991.
Guaranteed on-time delivery & quality flowers.
Professional & friendly service.
Enthusiastic sponsor for community charities.


“Looking for a flower shop that provides the most soul-soothing arrangements? Wintergreen Florist is one of the few  Richmond Hill flower shops that have the mastery of translating the zen of flowers into breathtaking designs. Because of the manner in which they incorporate Ikebana (Japanese way of flower arranging) into their bouquets, they effortlessly transform them into something surreal. They offer bouquets with hydrangeas blended with other blooms, adding even more beauty that takes it into an otherworldly sight. It’s comforting to know that the exquisite arrangements they offer are open for deliveries and curbside pickup.”

—-5 Best Flower Shops in Richmond Hill (Available for Delivery) FEBRUARY 1, 2021 BY DENISE D.

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